Fully Laser cut Iris Design


Ive seen a few other iris designs but they were always the kind where the leaves open and close without overlapping. so I wanted to make one that was the same style that you find in a camera lens. The wood is regular 3mm ply and the leaves are .22in plastic from Inventables. I decided instead of screws I wanted the whole thing to be wood and plastic so I used wooden skewers and glue to hold it together.


Love it! Reminds me of the opening sequence on the Bond films! :sunglasses:


Freaking awesome. Man, I admire people that can think like that to put stuff like that together.


thanks! The best advice I can give is to see something you want to make and just keep at it until you get it, then the next time it will be much easier.


I guess that would make me Q then!


Ingenious! Made me think of Harry Potter movies.


Neat! Love it!


Good escutcheon plate!