Fun foam?

I think I remember reading that “fun foam” is laser safe? Is fun foam a specific brand of foam sheet, or just a name for foam sheets in general? I have 9 bajillion sheets of foam (1/3 of which are adhesive backed), but theyre all different brands, none of which are fun. I don’t want to frak up my glowforge or kill birds if, like, 99% of foam sheets are deadly lethal and only fun foam ® is safe to use.

If fun foam is a brand, where might one purchase it? I looked at hobby lobby and Amazon already with no luck.

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It’s EVA foam from Cleverbrand, which should be safe to cut. If you have a Dollar Tree or similar store nearby, try there. I think that Cleverbrand foam is also sold on Amazon.


EVA foam. Thanks! The ones I have are just mysterious craft foan sheets, so I’ll look for brands that specify EVA.