Fun old footage

Have you ever seen a Glowforge founders ruler cut before? I came across some old footage I never released because I had a poor camera and the footage was shaky. I decided to just speed it up and release the footage anyways so it wasn’t as shaky and take less than 40 seconds to watch now lol. I figured someone else who started out as a founder would get a kick out of it and didn’t want to not release it out to the world. Anyways here’s the clip if you want to see it:


Oh yes, I remember that first operation on the pre-release the company sent me back in 2017. My first experience with CNC and a laser, it was exactly the feeling of Christmas morning as a child! I hadn’t experienced that for at least 5 decades.
The precision and detail possible had been a fantasy for decades since I first saw art created with a laser beam. I will always be grateful for glowforge putting that capability within my reach.
Thanks for the flashback!


As at least one of the last folk to receive access to that I made several of them and still use them.


I’ve never seen that before. I didn’t even know home lasers existed until 2019. Very cool.


Mine is part of the collection on the frequently used rulers shelf.


You’re welcome. I was hoping someone enjoyed it even though it wasn’t the best footage out there lol


It was only half the footage I wanted but It inspired me to do more, even having to figure the angles to get out the last inch


Glad to see I wasn’t the only nerd to pull out the tape measure first thing to check the accuracy of the cut! :laughing:


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