Fun Projects by the Laser Lady

I realize I’m posting so many fun projects that I’ve worked on until we all get our Glowforges. Instead of starting a new thread each time, I thought maybe to do it all under one.
Let me know if that would be a good idea or maybe the thread will get too long…like my other ones… :smirk:

Here is another project…I had several boxes of floor laminant just laying around so I had my son in law rip the sides and cut them into various lengths.

Using a paper mask, I laser engraved the rose then I color filled with acrylic paint.

Next I engraved the name and wedding date without a mask and colored it in with a black sharpie. Then I used alcohol to clean off the over color that went on the laminant since its very resistant to stains and it worked like a charm!
Less work with not having to mask it :grin::grin:


You’re making us all jealous!! Haha! Love the project.


I personally tend to look at “New” threads much more than “Unread posts”…but that’s just me…

And a big thank you for posting all these projects! They’re beautiful, entertaining, and educational…


I am recommending you have your own channel like Laser Made…but yours…lol


Wonderful as always! You are so inspirational. You wouldn’t happen to know the brand/model number of that laminate, would you? It would help me determine the type of material that works well in the laser.


I agree. I really need to make friends with someone that has a laser so i can start making some of the project that i have designed but just haven’t made yet.
I really don’t feel like paying the high price from some of the online services.


The title fits you PERFECTLY. I look forward to your projects because the things that you make are the things that I want to make. Any tips about how you do your different projects will be very helpful.:blush:


Very nice. Keep 'em coming Stephanie!
The tips and techniques are great!


Thanks all…
I’m just in the limelight for the time being, until we all get our Glowforges. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink: Although, I will continue to post then too.
I think maybe in the future I’ll tag the projects with

PGF. Possible with Glowforge
NGF. Not for Glowforge

Since some of the stuff cant be done on it.


I was given that title by @printolaser after he refered to a group if us as sirs and I corrected him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin::wink:


That is a great idea. Also would be cool to know which of your lasers you used for each. Either way thanks for the posts!!


I like the single topic for your projects but sometimes the projects can generate some good follow up discussion that may get lost in the longer topic. Either way is good. As long as it’s a project from you.


As long as there is ongoing discussion, it keeps our minds off the wait for the Glowforge…lol


We <3 you but we are so green with envy


No offense to other contributors, but this forum would pretty much be a snooze fest without you! Yes, I agree with @chrisgray1313 you should have your own header.


Both lasers are pretty similar. Both Universal brand. I did this project on the Versalaser 3.50.

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What inspired you to jump in the direction of lasers creatively?
Serious investment back then.

When I started airbrush face and body painting some 20 years ago I hand cut all my stencils. After alot of people started wanting my stencils, it took alot of time handcutting…lol
After a big job for CocaCola and the NFL in the late 90s where I produced 13 sets of 20+ football team logos and other designs, I saved enough to buy my first laser.
What took me 5 days to cut by hand took a few hours on the laser. Now I use both lasers almost everyday in my shop cutting stencils and templates for customers worldwide.
The lasered gifts is a new different venture…


A friend of mine does body painting at the rooftop bar the “Garden of Eden” in Key West. He’s a freehander with an airbrush. But he’s got nothing on your Sports Illustrated layout this year. That was awesome work.