Fun time: Can anyone guess a. what these are, and b. how they were made?


100 Internets to anyone who can guess either one, 1,000 if you can guess both! :smiley:


Green Kryptonite - made when Krypton exploded…


Hmmmmm. Borax crystals grown in blue colored water? I don’t see a second photo, do you mean the cup that it’s in? Looks like a sauce or salad dressing container. Did I win?


I was going to guess a crystal growth, but no idea what kind. But I think @cynd11 beat me too it.


Crystals from your toilet bowl with an automatic cleaner in it where the water has evaporated.


Crystal growth, yes!

Hint: But the blue is not from colored water; it comes from the element itself…

Oh, and the cap is just from a water bottle; nothing of significance in itself, really, but I guess it does give sort of a hint in a way in how they were grown…


Im no chemist.
But im guessing a copper based crystal growth.
Im also color blind, so this is a long shot. haha


Tuco: "What is this? This is blue."
Walter: "We used a different chemical process, but it is every bit as pure."
Jesse: “It may be blue, but it’s the bomb.”




I was thinking Turquoise to be ground up for inlay. But it could be the mysterious meteorite particles that come from airplanes when they flush their toilets.


DING DING DING!! Copper Crystal growth :slight_smile: 100 Internets to you, sir!

Now, can anyone guess how? They were purely by accident / coincidence, and I was totally surprised when I found them…


Cleaning pennies in a soda bottle?


Nope, but good guess :slight_smile:


Oooh shiny😁


copper sulfate will do that from some fertilizers or algecides (like Miracle-Gro) when it evaporates or is exposed to higher temps and then cools.


interesting! but nope, not how that happened in this case…

more hints: pure copper, etching…


Dylithium crystals…made for the USS Enterprise.



WO WHOOO! 100 Internets! think of all the trolling i can do now. :wink:

but my guess for the process…
are you using copper as i diode for a plating something?
There was extra copper pulled out into solution and it crystallized on your lead wires?


LOL! I was gonna originally say “I swear it’s not meth!”