Fun with living hinges


Just some fun pieces I’ve made…

One on right is clear and red acrylic (Plans bought from cartonus - I call em Booxes)

and some rodents…:sushing_face:

(standing on a box of :proofgrade: I received Friday :slight_smile:

One of Cartonus freebie ornaments (done in orange acrylic)

What I liked about this it was made from a free sample flooring hardwood from Home Depot (planned it down to about 1/8)
Bowtie box


Now I know why we haven’t heard from you in so long! Glad you finally came up for air. Your projects are fantastic!


What a fabulous display of how you’ve been spending your time! Wow!


Thanks! I had a great B-day weekend this weekend - took Friday and Tuesday vacation so getting a 5 day weekend “Staycation”. Drove up to Phoenix and got several hundred dollars worth of wood and acrylic from Johnsons Plastics, hit another plastics place (got some nice 24 in square 1/8 purple acrylic for only $12 each plus various scraps of clear and white by the pound. Next hit a lumber yard that does laminating ,etc and bought some 1/8 4 x 6 foot sheets of maple and one of white melamine (had to slice it up to fit in car - then cut it down today for the :glowforge: bed. Last I hit IKEA for more wooden treasures… … hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend ( as 111 degrees up in Phoenix…):sunglasses:


You have been busy! Great looking projects there! :grinning:


Such a great tour, great work! :sunglasses:


Daaaaaaaaaaang! Keep rolling them out, you’re doing fantastic.


Wow! Busy boy :sunglasses:
Great looking products, easy to see you’re enjoying yourself!


beautiful work i can’t wait for my to arrive


I live north of Phoenix, I would love a PM or Post about good sources of materials in the Phoenix area. (I expect to get a PRO delivered in late October.)


That’s a terrific assortment! It’s great to see what you’re doing with those.


I love the glossy black Mickey Mouse (even though it’s hard to see any detail on it’s shape)… have you considered trying to paint only certain slices gloss black, and the rest of it gloss white? Like to match his actual character?


Just wow! Really nice work.


My attention was caught by the $100 bill boox! Very nice work :blush:


Very cool! Are they from the Python box making site?