Fun with magnets...more from my gaming journey

Continuing on my theme of games, I saw this game at a convention and thought it would be fun to make and to have all of the pieces made from wood. (thinking at some point I could use maple and mahogany like the player pieces which were made first.)

Everything on this was made on the GlowForge except for the player pieces and handles. (those were made on a lathe). For this build, I designed the board to use 1/8" draft board for the upper edges and 1/8" acrylic on the top layer (created a nice smooth playing surface). I did use a 1/4" draft board on the legs and supports. The scoring tokens are straight from the goals.

Using the handles underneath the board you move the pieces around on top of the board. The three biscuits in the middle are also wood with magnets embedded in the middle.

In this picture you get a better picture of the handle and the player piece. (made from 3 hard woods) and the biscuits before I colored the top to help me know which way to put them on the board.

Overall a surprising design as I tried to figure out how to layer it together and make it strong enough but also have the cutouts for the scoring tokens and some of the other features. The other big challenge was to get every inch of the cutting width for the playing field as I didn’t want any any seams to disrupt the flow of the pieces. This meant coming up with a good way to hold everything together without having any cuts or fingers on the sides. The final result is a sturdy playable version of the game. Because of the acrylic, I could also put some pretty cool engravings in the playing field and not affect the game play. Thinking I will print the final version with nice proof grade hardwoods.

Probably not usable in the world championships, but for a fun home project it looks and works great.


Fine project! I can tell you had fun, and wer!e pleased with your efforts! Nice work :sunglasses:


You are definitely making use of your Glowforge. Nice!