Fun with marbles

I made this last week and posted to Facebook. Perhaps a few of you have seen it already.

It won’t let me put up the 9 second video here, so to the link you go.


Not linking for me, mate

Me either.

Permissions are not set to allow access.

Nope. Neither me.

How about now?

If I copy the link, it goes. Something about discord won’t let it link, but in discord it shows me the link through…

Yeah, I think I fixed it. I took out HTTPS:// and it still shows click able and doesn’t error out

All good for me now

Yeah, that worked…very cool…kind of like Plinko. :grinning:

Yep, works for me too.

Yeah, but 100% laser cut and zero hardware, just glue on the back of the board.


Nice! I can’t play the video because I’m not a member of Facebook, but it lets me see the photos. Cute design and perfect base for customization!

Nice! I have a huge pile of gorgeous marbles that I used to use as project markers at my old job, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with them. Maybe a marble run–a really, really big one.

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I saw this and LOVED it. It’s somewhat similar to a project I have in mind for when I get my unit.

Sweet! Now all you need are little prizes lined up along the bottom.

There are points above each hole at the bottom…