Funny story

Originator marmak3261 from dec 2016:


Yes…I already knew that. I’m still loving the name and adopting it for my own. Marion has come up with a few gems on here…do a search for beating dead horses. Ha ha!


Let me see Didymium is a mixture of Neodymium and Praseodymium used together because it is hard to separate them so Neodydimium just has more Neodymium added? In any case it seems such a waste in magnets as it is so beautiful in Glass and revealing a different world of enhanced color looking through it and measuring the color of light when looking at it. Looking robins egg blue in cool light and strawberry ice cream in warm light and gray in balanced light. As a natural Gemstone it is far more valuable than Diamonds and much prettier, even as a synthetic it is really nice looking.

The magnets are cool I guess but every time I look at one I think about it as colors.

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I stole the name from AVE the YouTube.

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