Furniture mockup

So my father-in-law offered to make a bed frame for my son. We had some back and forth about the design. My wife had made a few hand sketches but it was difficult for my father in law to get a sense of the entire design. So enter the Glowforge. I drew the bed frame in V-Carve Pro… yes, I know, I really need to learn another software. The pattern for the headboard was the hardest part, but we found a design online that we liked and I imported it into V-Carve and traced it by hand.

Then I scaled the frame to 1/8 size and cut out the various parts from 1/8" MDF (which would then scale to 1" thick in the model). A few tabs and slots and some dabs of hot glue and it was complete.

As the final touch, when my in-laws were here for Easter, we used the GF to cut out a full size cardboard template of the headboard using the pass through. It didn’t come out perfect - the X alignment was off about 1/16" from cut to cut, but before I post specifically about that, I want to do another test to eliminate operator error as a cause of the misalignment.

Needless to say, the ability to see a scale model confirmed the design parameters and the full size template will make it easier to make the actual bed. Neat use of the tool.


There’s the model


Cool to be able to prototype like this.

Oh very cool! :grinning:

Great use of the :glowforge: !

Great work! I’ve been using the glowforge for scale prototyping too, it’s brill!

What a great model! I’d love to see it with a mattress and bedding.

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Barbie called. Wants to place an order…


Out of likes … But this is so cute!

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