Further progress!

Golden Email received last week and now I just got a email from UPS announcing a package from Knoxville (Proofgrade samples, obviously) will be arriving tomorrow! Repetitive tip: Get the UPS MyChoice service. The alerts are very helpful.

So no excuses; gotta build the shop benches and get everything off the floor. $500 lumber order to be delivered Friday. I wasn’t planning on it, but now I’m thinking I’ll just build the Glowforge cart rather than buy one.

It’s gonna be a saw-dusty weekend…

By the way, who wants to take bets that the GlowForge arrives a week early on the ONE overnight trip I need to do for work this year? Yea, that’s how that is gonna go…


UPS MyChoice lets you hold it for up to a week, so you shouldn’t have any problem there. Alternatively, it also allows you to do a signature release so they could just leave it on your doorstep. In the worst case scenario of horrendous damage, you just contact Glowforge support for a return shipping label, slap it on, and call UPS to come pick it up.


Good information.

@UrJac Man, you’re going all out for building a table for it with that kind of a lumber order!


Ha! That would indeed be something. No, I’m actually building the benches for my whole shop; we just moved in and so when it comes to my shop I’m sitting in the middle of a big empty.

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Indeed, but given some of the stories I’m hearing here, I’m a little nervous about leaving it with UPS any longer then absolutely necessary. Probably moot; that would be a surprisingly early delivery. I’m sure it’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

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Oh, good deal. What other things will you use the shop for? I do a good bit of woodworking in my shop, so my Glowforge will live inside.

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You’re thinking the way I’m thinking. The shop is actually the 3rd garage bay, so there is a very good chance I’ll eventually bring the Forge inside to another shop i’ll have to build in the basement; which will then allow me to call this operation: “UrJac Studios” (plural!)
Studio ‘A’ in the garage will have the larger, dustier equipment, like the table and miter saws and all that and will be for building larger items; furniture experiments, all wood pinball machines, that sort of thing. I’m basically making this up as I go, so lets see where it takes me. :wink:


I really like the idea of this. Would be such a cool, novelty item.

I am putting it in my “office” in the bonus room over the garage. There is a window seat that we hardly use up there, and it is right by, wait for it, a window, so it will be a perfect spot to vent. I think it is just about the right size for the Glowforge too!


Nice! The basement is sub-optimal specifically because of venting complexities. Thats why I’m starting in the garage until it gets too cold. Your bonus room sounds perfect!

Yea, the Pinball thing was just a random funny thought but that might be cool, right? I do plan to do some marble machines for sure, but now I’m thinking pinball! That’s how Art happens!

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