Fusion 360 Changes

Some exciting changes to the personal-level Fusion 360:

Time to get better with Blender, I guess …


Ah, I should have realized that. Thank you.

I edited the original post with a link to the long-form thing. Here is the relevant portion of the email:

Effective October 1, 2020, functionality in Fusion 360 for personal use will be limited, and you’ll no longer have access to the following:

  • Probing, 3 + 2-axis milling (tool orientation), multi-axis milling, rapid moves, automatic tool changes
  • Multi-sheets, smart templates, output options for drawings (print only).
  • Download options from public share links
  • Cloud rendering
  • Export options including F3Z, DWG, DXF, IGES, SAT, and STEP
  • Simulation and generative design
  • Unlimited active and editable Fusion 360 documents (10 doc limit).
  • Fusion 360 extensions

The only thing that concerns me is the 10 doc limit. Not exactly sure what this means. Is it 10 active files at once or you can only have 10 files period (active or not) in your account?

Intresting choice of words.

I just can’t, my brain does not work in blender mode.

I’m glad I saw the writing on the wall last year and locked in my price for a commercial ticket.
It always goes like this. A company offers free for education and hobby and companies abuse it and either the belt gets tightened as is happening or the free goes away completely.
On the one hand, I hate paying for something I’m not able to use full time but on the other hand, I understand.


Probably the latter.
I have hundreds now so if I could not pay I’d now be looking a lot closer at OneShape. Their free is that all files are public but no limit to how many that I am aware of.

Crap I have a lot of projects to lose. Also I use export dxf a lot to get cut files for the laser. What do people use to get cut files out of Fusion?


Got this from their FAQ. Still pretty vague. Going to have to email them and ask.

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I’m not clear on a lot of this myself but if you can still use plugins the Shaper Origin plugin gives you an SVG directly.


Let us know. Reading between the lines (or maybe just wishful thinking) you could activate and deactivate projects?

It doesn’t look like any documents will be lost. You just can’t have more than 10 “active” at once, but it sounds like you can decide which ones those will be:

What if I currently have more than 10 active documents?

All your documents will be made non-editable but will remain in their current projects/folders. You’ll then be able to filter documents that are active. You can only have a max of 10 documents that are editable at one time.

How do I continue to work with the 10 active document limit?

When you reach 10 and you need to add another, you will be required to make an active document non-editable.


I’m surprised the ride lasted this long.

It always seemed like too good an idea to be true.


Thank You for that info. That makes me feel a lot better.

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I am confident a lot of people will get excited about the changes. Though, it is likely only people invested in Autodesk will do so in a positive sense.


I have also had good luck with the Shaper Origin plugin for exporting to SVG.

I’m not clear what counts as an “extension” or, if “plugin” is just a synonym in this context. I haven’t found any clarification anywhere yet but, I am also doing half a dozen work things and, not really doing a thorough research job at the moment.

I am wondering if this means that stuff like Shaper Origin plugin and the box tab plugin @jbpa is building are now going to be be paid-service-only.

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I’m paying but I’ll join the riot if this is the case!


Here is a good video that outlines the changes:


The wording doesn’t make sense to me. You can only Archive projects, not the individual files in the those projects. So does this mean 10 Active Projects? If so, can you get around this limit by putting all of your files/models in one project?

Man this seems so familiar… I just can’t quite put my finger on it.


A big reason I have not wanted to do anything with Autodesk, Not the first time they have done that.

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This won’t effect me directly, since I’m subscribed to F360, but I really hope this doesn’t throw away the work that I’ve done on my plugin; i.e. it’s not clear to me if the extensions limitations will limit access to the API functionality for personal use users.