Fusion 360 Finger-jointed tray model

I’ve posted a version of my finger-jointed box/tray model to thingiverse for import into Fusion 360.

It allows for the addition of dividers (in both directions), and is fully parametric in height, width, length and material thickness. I’ll be adding another video to my YouTube channel that shows the steps needed to add the dividers to the base model sometime this weekend.



You’re so kind—thanks for the share!

I normally do my boxes and trays on the fly but I’m going to download this when I get home just to see if there is anything I can learn from it.
I bet there is as everyone has a slightly different take on things and approaches problems differently.


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I was doing them on the fly, but I was spending so much time doing the same things over and over that I started looking for a way to build the model to quickly create the boxes in any size that I want. This way, I can easily add features to the box (e.g. curved walls, cutouts) and still leverage all of the parametric capabilities of Fusion360, instead of manually creating those features using a box generator and Illustrator.

I hope this is useful for some folks.


Super clever and super useful! :smile: thank you!

I am super interested in trying this and am completely held back by a complete lack of knowledge on Fusion 360
I figured out be in model tab, use the modify drop down to change parameters
From there I am lost in CAM tab I found Cutting and I think I made a path for one of the faces but I can’t figure out how to get it out
… I could use some guidance on how to get from the model to the cutting path

I’m back to offer my highest praise. As hard as I’ve tried, I have not been able to break this. I’m not saying it can’t be done, I’m sure it can be but a whole array of reasonable numbers and it still works.

You can be sure I will be cloning this and performing a vivisection on the clone.

I have two boxes ready for glue up this morning.


Just forget there is a CAM tab, we don’t need that with the :glowforge: All you need to do is export faces you want to cut and end up with SVG files.
The very easiest way is to install the Shaper plugin and use it to produce SVG files for you. It is written for the Shaper Origin and will produce SVGs that want to engrave where we are wanting to cut but that is oh so easy to change in the GFUI.

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This is the method that I use:


I think I’ve identified a couple of scenarios where the model will be unusable, but it will not actually break. I haven’t tested them yet.

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And, in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video I did for the base model in this version.

Here’s the first part of the dividers:


@markevans36301 I’ve been using the Shaper plugin as well! It works just as great for the SO as it does for the GF!!

My Shaper has been sitting on the shelf since the GF arrived! Not enough time for as these tools!


This gave me a chuckle. I almost did my first project to use both this afternoon. Instead I improvised with the so’s offsets and did it all on the so.
The first time I do do parts from each it will be nice to be using the same plug in for both.

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@jbpa Is there a way to globally change the parameter units from mm to inches? I know I can change the overall design to inches in the Document Settings, however that does not auto-magically change the defined parameters too…

This is more of a curiosity since I can certainly use mm…but I think in inches! :wink:

Thanks! And great work on this! I need to watch your videos on this too. I use Fusion360 allot, but in a very basic sense.

You can change each parameter to inches, just by adding the “in” unit to each parameter. There are only 4 parameters that need to be changed, and if you’re using my model, they are all listed as favorites (length, width, height, thickness), and should be easy to update.

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Okay that seems to work. I was trying to change the value in the Unit column, but it will not allow me to do that.

Simply changing the mm to in in the Expression field and hitting Tab allowed me to change it!

Thank you!

I know this thread is old - but maybe @jbpa /community can answer for me.
I used the fusion 360 tool from @jbpa - but it says I need to pay to get it saved/exported as a dxf or SVG.

Are you ‘all’ using the paid version?



Not using the paid version, but the way I export the DXF files is to just export the sketches. (Right click on the Sketch, then Export as DXF.)

Seems to still be working this morning.


Install the Shaper Origin plug-in. It’s free and works with the free version of Fusion360.