Fusion 360 save to desktop


I am better at using Fusion 360 than Inkscape but for some reason am having trouble saving a design to desktop or anywhere where I can find it with the Glowforge app. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanx


Right click on the sketch and select Save as DXF, then you can use Illustrator or another software to convert it to SVG or PDF.



The GFUI only recognizes PDF and SVG for vector files at this time so your best bet is to go to the Fusion 360 store and install the Shaper origin plug-in, it is free and the instructions are simple. It will output a SVG for you to use with the :glowforge:

This is a little be of work up front but it will pay dividends.


I forgot that one :sweat_smile:


Cool. Thanx


What are we paying you for!? Oh - wait. :slight_smile:


Clicked on the store drop down and … nothing. Made sure I was signed in. Still nothing. Tried right click then left click… nothing. Hints, ideas? Thanx


I’ve never had any trouble so all I have is maybe try another browser?


I finally found a link to the store but was still unable to down load on either iOS or Microsoft 10. Hints/suggestion?


I have no Idea why it is giving you such trouble.

Here it is in my drop box for windows but you do need to figure out what is going on so you can keep it up to date.

Edit, sorry this with for mac. I’ll get the one for windows and put it there as well.


here it is for windwos:


Thank you. I will try tonight or tomorrow. Some of it has to to do with my minimal use of computers for anything more than email. At 68 things are not as intuitive as they once were


I know what you are saying. I am less than 10 years behind you and was well into adulthood when I got my first computer. From then on every time I get an OS figured out a new one comes out. The good news for me is that I was into electronics from about the time I was 12 so computers were a natural add.
There is a little part of me that misses the command line interface. :smile: