Future Feature Request

Hopefully this is the appropriate place for this but I’ve had a couple of ideas that would make GF life a little better.

  1. Offline print time estimate for subscribers. I often get requests while I’m at my satellite studio and would like to be able to give rough cost estimates for a job. I know after a while I’ll have a better mental calculation but right now I’m kinda just winging it.

  2. Timer countdown displayed in the browser tab so I can see at a quick glance how much is left

  3. The ability to duplicate catalog projects so I can have multiple personalizations that I can reprint as needed and not have a huge stack of steps to check and double check

Thank You!


This is the place as GF staff don’t “browse” the forums. All are certainly reasonable suggestions.

Just so you know, #1 requires the job to be processed in the cloud, so you’re basically loading those systems to generate the print steps (which they are paying for) without actually printing.

It’s been asked for since day one, I wouldn’t hold my breath.


thank you!

I figured as much for #1 hence my suggestion for gating it to premium members (or whatever they call us LOL, I can’t remember!)

…this happens? Unless you mean on the actual tab of the browser tab, in which case that would be cool, but I’ve never seen that be able to have live data.

Do you know you can upload your personalizations and just have them off the active print area? You can even copy/paste the full design and drag it off so you don’t have to worry about repositioning once you’re happy with it.

Yup - Print or Premium are the two “levels” currently.

Here’s a demo: https://dangrossman.info/count.html


I didn’t know there were words in the tabs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hoo boy, does that ever look familar.

Oh, very cool!

Thanks for the suggestions and comments, everyone! I’ll make sure the team gets them. I’m going to close this thread - if more suggestions come up, go ahead and post a new topic.