Future Glowforge Home


I’m still all in with the GF. In fact, here are a couple photos of it’s future home in Raleigh, NC.

Klaystation is a Paint on Pottery studio that will soon offer all things Glowforge.



Awesome! :relaxed: (Your pics are stuck in Uploading but they might finish later when activity on the forum slows down a little.)


There. Fixed!


What a beautiful space!


OMG! :smiley:



(I’d post pictures of the place my GF will probably go, but my spouse has forbidden me to even take most friends down to the basement)


Very nice!


Fantastic! I totally want to visit!!




You’re more than welcome to come visit. It’s a very fun place for all ages. And it will be even more fun come August!


Do y’all want to visit @fredmerg or his glowforge?


When my parents lived in eureka, CA we used to go to a pottery place every Christmas. It was a blast.


Great space for a glowie meetup.




wow nice shop well done your clients are going to get a enjoyment from the GF


Glowie meetups would be awesome. Shopbot does something similar (or used to) called Camp Shopbot–just a one day get-together where everyone would bring a project they’d made to share, and sometimes they’d have a rep there to do training or talk about new equipment. It was also good for those considering buying a machine to see one in action and ask questions of those who use them all the time.

Might be fun, especially if enough pre-production machines get out there in the wild. I think we’re all wishing we lived close enough to visit @marmak3261 :slight_smile:


Been thinking this. Had my first visitors to see the GF tonight. We had a nice dinner and I made them things to take home. Posting them now.


lol, You had to MAKE THEM??? Not sure who this was but you’d have to make me NOT make things. :stuck_out_tongue: