FYI - Pro Glasses Are Back In Stock

I just noticed (and ordered my 2nd pair) that the Pro Laser Glasses in the store are now back in stock. For all those who have received their golden ticket, and now have access to the store might want to grab them before they are Out Of Stock again.

Just wanted to share!


Thanks for posting the heads up! We’re offering these for a lot less than you’ll find legally-compliant CO2 laser safety glasses anywhere else, so they went fast. :slight_smile:

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Hmmmmm…probably mean other legally-compliant CO2 laser safety glasses. Those FNLs may have a conniption over that one. I’m sure I could get even cheaper ones from China for a lot less than your legally-compliant CO2 laser safety glasses. :wink:



Question for you: I received my order that I placed when I ordered the Pro Glasses last week but the glasses were not in the box, nor did the packing slip contain them. My order however did have them (they were the first thing on the list, as it was really the only thing I needed). I sent a note to “support” but wanted to see if glasses were shipping in a separate box, or maybe from a different location?

Please advise & Thanks for your help!

Please post your question in Problems and Support and the real brains of the operation here will get back to you with an answer. :slight_smile: (You can also email

The pro glasses ship from the Flex Factory rather than from the proofgrade supplier. I believe they shipped mine out at the same time they shipped my Glowforge. Separate package but same shipment. Nd definitely unrelated to receiving the proofgrade I ordered at the same time.

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