Gag gift for my nerd son


My older son, who is currently deployed in South Asia, bought my younger son, the 13 yo, a Nintendo Switch for xmas.
I’ve convinced him that neither his dad nor I were getting him one so most likely he’s not getting one at all since “bubba” is out of country and his older sister already got him a gift.

This was done on engravers plastic (Rowmark)
He will get this in his stocking before opening his other gifts…lol


ROFL! Cute idea! :smile:

(You guys have a Merry Christmas …we head out tomorrow.)


Ouch! That’s worse than me getting a bow case and no bow (it was hidden away).


He’s decided that pranking people is hilareous…so. He’s getting a nice spoonful…


Great idea! If I had my GF, I would make one for my Grandson. That was first on his list, right ahead of a dirt bike and $50 billion.


Hehehe–you’re a bit evil but I like it!


That’s Cruel! I approve! :smiley: I also like the design.


Sneaky, I love it!
Got my son his first computer years ago, and while he was busy around the tree I slipped out and set it up in his room.
After I had been sitting around with him for a bit I said "Boy, that room of yours is atrocious. Go clean it up.
“But… Dad! It’s Christmas…?!”
“I don’t care, get after it.”
(dragging himself upstairs) :star_struck::heart_eyes::crazy_face: We still laugh about that.