Gaga for Gears!



Although aimed at X-Carve & Carvey owners, the folks over at Inventables have been producing a series of project-based live streams on YouTube. The next one will be at noon CST on Friday (2/17) and will be focused on making “robot hands, moving animals, and other great toys.”

You can sign up for a free Easel account and follow along. Even though Easel won’t allow you to download any files (other than to a Carvey or X-Carve), the process simulation is worthwhile/interesting. A clever person might be able to process a screenshot of the project into… never mind. :innocent:

Anyway, here’s the info…


I have been so wanting to print some geared things but just haven’t found the right project. Good find.


oh nice! going on my list as well!


Download Processing, then this:

I know you are on Ubuntu at least part of the time. Let me know if you need help.


Another bookmark to the list! Thank!:relaxed:


Thanks. I finally installed processing to do the vector line photo dither thingy squiggledraw by @gwygonik . So many cool possibilities. And this one would be good too. Thanks.


Right there with ya!