Game development - play-testing


Early play-testing for a game my brother’s and I are developing.


Looks like everything there can be done on the Glowforge.


That’s part of the plan. In the end, some parts might not look it. But they will have been touched by a laser in some way.


Neat! :grinning:


Wow, far more involved than my mock-ups!

This is exactly what i am hungry for my GF for, the ability to print up a bunch of counters or cards and play-test on the spot.
I also have a HUGE amount of print & play and old OOP games and printing and mounting the counters/cards involved allows me to bring them to life.

Like the stand-up figures too, great look and nice touch


Thanks! I’ve been printing these boards on the 'forge, too. Probably 'cause it’s my hammer and creating the board looked like a nail. It’s been great to make adjustments and have new physical objects to test with so quickly! The stand up figures are meeples with slots for feet. Eventually, they’ll be cultists.


Games are the best! Nice that you are getting the planning done ahead of time.


Awesome! Looks like you’re off to a great start. Keep us updated with your progress.