Game logo in black and orange for halloween


Using this

This photo makes it look more red than it is, phone camera not dealing well with the contrast. With brighter back lighting it looks neon. Without back lighting it looks like an orange sherbet color. Also, the splotches in the Z and H are part of the art, it’s intentional. Same with the rough edges of all the letters.

The game is one that the company I work for makes. This will be hanging in my office door glass.


A couple more images with less and without back lighting. To get a better idea of what it looks like.


So cool! I love the grunge effect. I have some of the same acrylic and I’m inspired to try it now :slight_smile:


This sheet is “laserable ABS” I have a few of the acrylic two color sheets also, but they aren’t Halloween colors.


Oh hey, look at that, I didn’t even realize what material I purchased :stuck_out_tongue: I just saw the cool colors and bought some the orange and the neon pink stuff.


Yeah, that’s a neat effect! Grunge is hard to pull off in a solid material, but it looks like a champ! :grinning:


Totally awesome, your giving me some ideas now, my brother loves H1Z1


Really impressive effect–I would never have guessed it was lasered.