Game Piece Holders

This new game U-Boot was a kickstarter that I purchased for my son. Similar to Battleship but you play with an app and board. There were so many pieces and each player needed to have them organized (took too long to lay it all out and we needed an easier method). I made these clear holders to contain each players pieces, copied the font for each player, etched the rank so you can easily find your pieces. They all attach together with a rubber band and fit in the box for transportation with a clear cover. Now we don’t have to spend a ton of time sorting through the correct pieces for each player. Really fun game!dzzgsKZNQ5qpAwFJWqorxw_thumb_14d9f XPFsqilzRSGoD%25igUADxiA_thumb_14d9d


Looks great and I bet it comes in very handy!



That looks like Sean Connery in Red October - one of my favorite movies…


That’s fantastic! What solvent / glue did you choose for the acrylic?

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What a lot of game parts! The organizers were an inspired idea!


BTW, “one ping and one ping only” is for realz. The move is 99.6% fiction but that is for real. Heard it many times during exercises.


I had a feeling you were going to ask about the glue…I think it was Dap Rapid Fuse. Just smoothed it along the edges. Not great but good enough for this project. Anyone have a better option?

I’d say you made a major upgrade to your game!

Now to sell your design to the kick starter!

I’ve been using the solvent I bought at the plastic store. I’ll look it up when I get home. It’s not a glue, it bonds the acrylic together molecularly. It’s super thin which can be challenging.

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Weldon is pretty much the standard it seems. Works for me.

I sent them photos…will probably see them selling it soon. They have not responded. Lol