Gameboy cartridge coasters, Stranger Things version

As I said in my original post about these Gameboy coasters, although the originals were meant as a gift, I am also hoping to make parody ones to sell, and a while back, as I was bingeing the 3rd season, I realised that Stranger Things was a perfect topic! So, here goes…

Eleven based on Pokemon

Mind Flayer based on Final Fantasy

Upside Down based on Jurassic Park

I need to run this one again, the scoring round the letters was not a good idea… Hawkins based on Zelda.

Felt on the back and under the holder for optimal table-friendliness.


Those are fabulous! Not my particular geek but you’ve got my mind racing!

Be ware that if you use engraved wood under cold drinks they will curve. I’d suggest either a layer of sealant on the top, or only use them for hot drinks


Really fun designs! I’m going to start my binge of Stranger Things as soon as I finish with Supernatural, and will be able to appreciate the parodies more then! (Though saw an episode of a new series by the guy who’s book was the basis for the Stranger Things series–alas found my attention wandering most of the time…).

Besides wood warping from moisture, I find they are slippery–not what you want for a coaster. I prefer leather or cork. Undyed/natural veg tanned leather, or light brown if already dyed, 6-8oz (much thicker than GF’s “thick”) is great option, IMHO.

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Thank you both for your tips, definitely helpful! I was thinking about some kind of varnish or resin layer on top, but haven’t played around with it yet…

I’ve used birch plywood for my coasters, and don’t have that curvature issue. However, a layer of sealant, polyurethane, or at least some kind of mineral/linseed oil is a good idea.

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I’m in love with the idea of these Gameboy coasters!

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Like the engraving, hope you can work out a sealant.