Gamer Décor

So I made yet another Gaming Controller stand, lol. Some reason I am addicted to making them (Probably because they turn out so cool looking.). This one I went all out. I made a sword that pierces down into the controller stand, that has a drop in monogram letter on the hilt with the word GAMER running down the front of the sword that also has score marks behind them to make sure the alignment is perfect. I added a random level up star/arrow mix I made up on the front of the sword as well for added looks. It has four of my favorite type of controllers as décor on it as well that the sword goes in-between. I then left the stand slightly on the taller and deeper side so multiple types of controllers can fit and so there is an option to add an engraving or name on it as well (the looks of that will vary on what controller is used due to height of them). It is made out on less than one sheet of 1/8 proofgrade plywood material as well!

I am overall pretty happy with how this one turned out, the only thing I wish I could have done is have two controllers work with it but I wanted to keep material usage low.


That is great I have a bunch of gamers in my family but not starting something like this for one.


Fun! I agree with the additional controllers. It’s a lot of vertical space for one controller. But that’s the mom in me. We have so many video game peripherals that we need to maximize storage!

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Yeah but I do have so many that holds two or four. I thought I’d change it up for less material and mainly for looks this time.