Gamer displays for physical game boxes

I’ve been working on 4 new gaming/dvd Box displays. I made one for Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and DVD Movies.
Made out of/for medium proofgrade plywood.
Also added a slight tilt to the front “name plate”.



If you’d like to make your own the files can be found on: and FreshStartCustoms | Etsy


I love the color coordination, nice little detail.



I would have to make too many to fit all my favorite movies, and wouldn’t have room to put them! Plus I don’t have a DVD player, well, hooked up anyway. :slight_smile: Love how you color-coordinated them. Since I’m not a gamer, I had no idea each type had its own colors! Great job as usual Josh!

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Thank you. I appreciate it. I’m with you on the movies one.

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I am in awe! I struggle with basic stuff & wouldn’t know where to begin making my own designs!

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Thank you. As far as getting you started, I made this video series from ultra basic getting started using the machine up to starting designing your first slot base stand if it helps:


Thanks Wenning08. I really appreciate it, I will take a look

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No problem anytime