Gamers dream with a touch of customization

Made a newer version of my wall mounted gaming stand you might have seen last year. This one is made out off all one material this time (1/8 medium proofgrade) instead of the mixed materials like the last one.

I added a custom layered “level up” star base/backer and a monogram layered area too where a custom letter can be dropped in and glued into place for a touch of customization.

I am always nervous how things are going to turn out when starting the design process when making things but I think this one was definitely a “level up” from the last one lol.

If you’d like to make your own, I’d have the files available on: or FreshStartCustoms - Etsy if you’d like to support my designing hobby.

Have a good new year everyone.


While I don’t need a game controller rack, I still appreciate this as it inspires me for the next headphone rack I need. I’ve been thinking horizontal for three sets, and maybe I should think vertical.


I’d love to see it once you’re finished.


Looks great!

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Ha ha. Awesome!

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