Gaming Minis Files

I figured I’d go ahead and share the files for the Gaming Minis I made, personal use only, please. Right click and save as.

The notice board is glued on to the front of the vertical posts, just eyeball the height, and the header board glued on the front with the bottom of the sign flush with the bottom of the “untouched” stripe. May need glue for the base, it’s close but not super tight.
Notice Board

The chest is a layered piece, one of the tiles is cut out of the center of layer two, and it is slightly smaller than the actual hole to make it easier to get it in and out, so the “double cut” there is intentional. If you do want to double-side engrave, ignore the purple engraving on the first pass, MOVE NOTHING, just use a piece of tape to lift those tiles out and flip them over in place, as long as you don’t move material or anything on the UI, it should print in the exact same spot, run just the purple engrave step. Keep the blank center of layer 3 to glue to the underside of the lid so the lid doesn’t slide off.
Miniature layered crate

And lastly, the bookcase. The bottles and books are optional. The shelves have a “short edge” and a “long edge” meaning the tabs on the sides are not centered to the piece. The shorter side goes toward the back of the bookcase, to give room for fitting the back piece in. I put my back piece in with engraving out since the shelves are so full, but you may want to put it in with the engraving visible, or even double side engrave it. Either way, I did put a little glue on the back of the shelves to hold the back in, it’s snug but does pop out.
Mini Book Case

Have fun, and Happy Forging!


I have a live game coming up and this is gonna be really helpful! Thanks!


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Thank you so much for making this available with a write up included!


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Wonderful share! This feels like a good project for one of those days where you just need to sit down and make something to de-stress.


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