Gantry Alignment

Have a question before I open a support ticket. I just received my 3rd replacement GF Pro. I noticed some good bouncing of the printhead during a 350 speed score and the alignment was also off. Upon inspection, I noticed the belts were very loose, the screws on the adjustment pulleys were not even tight. tightened the belts properly and made a massive difference. This is the question: when your facing the GF and push the gantry back to the stop, I have about a 1/4" of play on the left hand side that bounces back, is this normal? my previous 2 also had a bit of this bounce back, but not quite this much. I don’t see any way of adjusting that. Thanks

There isn’t actually a stop, so if you are pushing the head all the way left…don’t.

The home position is actually slightly over the gridded portion of the tray, and there is a little bit of extra room on the left side, so don’t force it. The machine aligns itself properly when you do the startup calibration, and the head is started at roughly the home position, so you don’t have to concern yourself with it.


Jules, Thank you for the reply. What’s got me puzzled is when I’m cleaning the rails for the gantry with 3 pulleys, I pull the gantry forward, has a definite forward stop, clean the backside of the rails and pulleys, then when I push the gantry back the right side has a definite stop, no movement, whereas, the left side has a 1/4 inch play that will bounce back forward when pushed back to the stop like the right side. I’m gentle and don’t force things. This was it’s first cleaning and noticed it. I’ve had focusing issues with my past two units and wondering if that is also taken care of during centering. Just trying to make sure this will not become an issue later on. Thank you for always getting back!!