Gantry jumped off track

When we turned on our machine last night, the gantry somehow jumped its track. While it was simple to straighten the gantry back into place we were unable to cut. We ran a GOGM test on proofgrade product, but the first did not cut cleanly. The second test run seemed to do fine.

My question is; if the gantry comes off its track, does that impact the performance if the laser? In another gantry problem, the customer claimed the alignment was off after fixing. My wife was very upset that what could be cut without issue, after the gantry derailed and was fixed, suddenly could not.

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I don’t imagine it coming off the track per se causes a problem. It’s really a question of why, and what happened during and after the event. Kind of like “If I hit something with my car, will that impact its performance?”

If you haven’t already, my suggestion would be to carefully examine the track and see if there is a piece of debris or something. And also follow the instructions for squaring it:

If you’ve already done that, a picture of your GOGM and the time you ran it would be a good thing to leave here so that when support comes by, they can check your machine.


I just replied to your email with the next steps. We’ll continue to work on this through email, so this post will be closed.