Gantry stuttering

I was testing out cutting cardstock yesterday morning and had a really weird thing happen. I was altering the speed and power to figure out the best option. At 400/30 it didn’t quite cut through so I changed it to 500/35. At 500 when the head moves from the right to the left it’s fine, but when it moved left to right, it stuttered and was like the unit was off balance. But it is level. This was a lace pattern so a lot of movement. I took a video of it since I’d never seen this happen before. I slowed it back down to 400 and it doesn’t happen. Since then I’ve gone to 200 to reduce the direction change speed on the tiny holes.

I get that it might stutter on a high speed with a really high movement pattern, but what I didn’t understand was why this happened only in one direction of the gantry. I would have thought it would do it both right to left and left to right, but it was only on the left to right travel path.

If you need a video I can upload that. I got past the issue, but I want to know what the actual issue was.

I’m so sorry to hear that you ran into this snag!

Would it be possible to send over the video to our support email at I’d like to review the behavior you saw when it occurred.

Also, could I obtain the time and date of the print that this occurred with?

I sent the video and the approximate the time. It was the print set for a speed of 500 that morning.


Thank you for sending the video in via email! I’ve responded to your email with next steps, so I’m going to close this topic.