Garden Hod

I have a garden that is coming in, and needed a basket for my veggies! I recently bought my parents a nice Garden Hod on Amazon for around $60 or so. I decided to make my own since I have a lot of plywood laying around. It is designed for 6mm plywood (1/4").

Things you will need:

  • 2 1/2 sheets of 12x20" plywood, 1/4" thick (6mm). I used Baltic Birch, which was almost exactly 6mm. You can probably modify the file if your wood is different.

  • You will also need some hardware mesh, I used the vinyl coated kind.

  • I recommend a staple gun (the electric kind), with staples, and a few brad nails (optional).

  • I used CA glue, a special kind (Mercury Flex glue). It holds super well, and you have to be really quick and careful! You could also probably other glue, like wood glue, but you’ll need to clamp it longer. The CA is really strong and will tear a layer of the plywood off. I don’t think the nails are really needed.

If you want to “dress it up” a bit, you could cut some nicer wood for the sides, and maybe another side board over the wire mesh. You could also do some nice engraving on the sides. I am less about form than function, so I didn’t bother.

Make all the cuts as in the file, all cuts are out of 1/4" (6mm) plywood. You’ll also need an additional side, there is only one in the file, just make a copy and cut another one.

After that, you need to glue the side panels together, and the top panels together. You’ll end up with 2 side panels double thick (12mm) and one top panel (also 12mm).

Next it gets tricky. You have to hold things in place carefully and glue them. After that, you can put a few small brad nails in if you want, for extra stability.

Cut the hardware mesh and put a few staples to hold things together. You can see from the picture how I did mine. I am going to put a few more staples in most likely.

Just reply here if you have any questions, or if you decide to make (or modify) it. Hope you enjoy!

Garden%20Hod%202 Garden%20Hod%201


Love it! (If i ever get around to gardening again, I need to make one of those. Come to think of it, I need to do one for the winter citrus harvest this year…I priced out trugs, and what they want for them is obscene.) :sunglasses::+1:


Yeah the baskets/trugs/etc. are crazy expensive! I think I have about $10 invested in this, and of course my time- but so much more fun making your own!! :slight_smile:

Another week and I’ll probably be able to fill it up with tomatoes.


Might need to make a little one for that neighbor whose house I was watching…she is HUGE on gardening, and she’s been providing so many meals since I helped her out that I haven’t had to cook for a couple weeks now. :smile:


Thanks You! What a wonderful idea, and those baskets cost a fortune and rarely hold up.


Thanks for the write up and files. I wonder if I make this and leave it at my neighbor’s house they would fill it up and return it. The only thing I am good at growing are weeds.


Here is a picture that may be helpful. Gluing is a bit challenging. I did two of the sides, one at a time and held them in place tightly.

That is a great idea. Thank you for sharing your design. :blush:


Very nice indeed, and so useful! Thanks for the design.


Oooo, practical projects are my favorite! The basket looks great! I bet it will see many years of use. Thanks for sharing the file!!

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What a neat and practical design! An alternate tweak could be a large dowel for handle - maybe a little comfier when hauling a heavy veg load.


I was thinking about a old broom handle! Great minds think alike!:slight_smile:


I thought about that also! It would be easy to change that. I just wanted to use what wood I had…


What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for the file!


I would love to use your file if you don’t mind. I’m new, and not sure how to access the cut file.

There are two files shown in the first post of the thread. Right click on each drawing if you are using Windows and Save As an SVG file to download it to your desktop. (Not sure of the process for Macs but Google knows.)

Thank you!!

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Turnip Greens, tomatoes, and omg cherry tomatoes are coming in like crazy… (cucumbers also, but not pictureD). The garden hod is getting put to work!


Jealous. My lone cherry tomato plant pooped out after 7 measly tomatoes.

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I have one plant like that, but the other 4 are really going nuts. I have about 4 pints worth right now and no end in sight.