Garolite and Phenolic: quick circuits

Breadboaring circuits is great to play around with getting your circuits tested and working but you can’t really put them in projects too easy. The next step is normally make or get made a PCB or move everything to a perf board. I don’t really like perf board so I thought I would make a custom perf board. I got a sheet G-10 Garolite .030” and a sheet of Phenolic from McMasterCarr. I searched around the web to see if it was safe to cut and found mixed opinions… so I went for it.

200 zooms
Full pews
2 passes

300 zooms
2 pews

From here I just poke the components thru the holes, twist together the wires and solder.

it is a bit flamey, I would be extra cautious especially with thicker stuff


Totally rad! :sunglasses:

You don’t see much dead bug interconnected stuff these days. Good use case.

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Will probably move to SMTs and a board from OSHpark but this is quick for testing. I needed 8 of them.


Nice! Soon you will have a pile of circuit files! FILES!! @dan! Folders - PLEASE! :pray: Move that to the top of the Hopper. That would be a massive enhancement to the UI!

Well, that’s actually not dead bug construction. That’s a very specific technique where you have a PCB with errors or you need to test something, and you add the IC by flipping it over and sticking it’s little legs up in the air and soldering wires directly to it.

This is just old school, thru-hole construction.


How did it smell? I remember machining G-10 with a mill, and it smelled horrible.

Yup it’s bad :slight_smile:

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You are correct, I was getting sloppy with nomenclature which is not normally like me.