Gear pen display

I purchased plans for a geared pen display where acrylic was the bottom gears that rotated the pens. I can’t find the plans anymore and would like to download it again. Can anyone help me?

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Made on a Glowforge is a gallery for showcasing your prints.

Where did you purchase from? You need to contact the seller.


It was free with premium and is no longer on my glowforge files. Is it possible to get it again?

Use the ‘contact us here’ form on the support page to see if they can assist.

If you have maintained a continuous premium subscription, files should still be there. If you let it lapse, they would be removed after 30 days.


I don’t recall ever seeing a design matching that description in the Glowforge catalog. You can try searching the catalog. I searched using the keyword “pen” and this is what showed up. Do any of these look like it?

Is there another place you may have purchased it from, like etsy or something?


If the file was free with premium, and you no longer have premium, it will be removed from your Dashboard.I don’t remember such a file in the catalog using acrylic. Maybe it was in the Free Laser Design section.


I sell one on Etsy only that has that and it’s never been on Glowforge Premium. I do however have the wood only one that doesn’t spin on Glowforge Premium.

If you bought the design from Etsy you can redownload it from your purchase history anytime there. It uses both wood and acrylic but has never been part of Glowforge’s premium.


Here is the wooden version that doesn’t spin that’s still on the free with premium. Maybe this is what you were thinking: Gear Shaped Pen Stand – Glowforge Shop


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