Gear shaped pen stand and yo-yo stand

I wanted to bring attention to the support team about two of my designs in the free with premium catalog that there is an error when trying to add to the dashboard that stated currently unavailable.

Hopefully the team can get this corrected for the gear shaped pen stand and yo-yo holder designs.

I’ve had a few people say they are trying to download them as well and getting the same error message.


P.S. the earring holder designs that got added at the same time are loading to dashboard correctly so nothing needs changed on those.

Thanks for letting us know! I’ve started an investigation to see what may have gone wrong. We appreciate your patience and will follow up with you shortly.

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Sounds great, thank you. I appreciate all your efforts.

The team has made an update and you should be able to download the designs the next time you visit Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Since this has been resolved, I’m going to close this thread.

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