Gear-shaped Print Button Escutcheon Blank

I really, really, really like this design: A Worthy Print Button Escutcheon, so I knocked together my version of it as a blank. Add your own text, and hide the blue line. It doesn’t have the inner engrave of @MechanicalGoose 's excellent original, but you can add that if you want. If you change the text, you will likely need to change the rotation on the blue ring to get it to line up the way you want.



Nice! Thanks for sharing! :grinning:

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No worries. I had some text in it, but it doesn’t render in the preview. The text is constrained along the path. Hopefully Inkscape notices it, but if not, that’s how I did it: I added a text element, and used the “Put on Path” option.

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Thanks for saving current and future owners some time! :slight_smile: