GeekWire - Glowforge reveals U.S.-based manufacturer of 3D laser printer, provides update on shipping plan

I have not seen this posted yet, my apologies if it has been.


Dan posted the text in his Thanksgiving Update - but that’s the first link to the article. :relaxed:

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Still irks me every time I see an article discussing a delay from last December (2015). Yeah it was poor wording on the part of Glowforge that caused the misunderstanding but never ever were production units intended to go out a year ago. That said, the real slip of 9 months or so (as of now) is on the company.


I agree heartily. On the other hand, the June toaster that costs $1500 is all one group of folks could come up with using $30 million of VC money.


I loved that article. It was funny and insightful. The June…total overkill.


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the current mantra is “the customer is always wrong” if they don’t like the way a product works. Also: customers and reviewers as beta testers. (Interesting contrast)

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Love the tag line “Automated yet distracting. Boastful yet mediocre. Confident yet wrong.”


Wow. Well anyone who spends 1500 on that deserves what they get.
If you want salmon, stick it in the oven at 325 to 350 for 15 min and done. I don’t need a fancy automated oven that tells my phone when it may be done…
And their concern on undercooking chicken…there is a long list of meat thermometers on amazon around 10 bucks.

Made for a fun read though :slight_smile: thanks for sharing.

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