Just trying out settings and hopefully make something nice at the sametime. Engraved acrylic pour on 9mm (0.4in) mdf.


That looks awesome!

What a beautiful affect! By acrylic pour, do you mean you literally just poured acrylic paint on the board before lasering it? I’d love to know more about how you prepared the surface, because those blues in the top gekkos are striking.

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Stunning, me too (as to the technique)…

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Nice tribals! :grinning:

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An acrylic pour is basically filling a cup sequentially with various colours of acrylic paint (with or without silicone oil). Then tipping on to an mdf board. There are loads of tutorials on this technique on you tube. It takes a day or two to dry as it is quite thick.
Engraving done at power 60 and full speed.
The blue is an engraving just filled with blue acrylic and surplus wiped off. The relief gecko’s are just outlined with a pen.


Ah. So you did the pour on the MDF first, let it dry and then engraved. Then you did the blue fill?

Looks like some of the Mexican pop art ceramics I see at fairs all the time. My wife lives it but we don’t have a decor that matches. You got amazing splashes of bright colors.

Rabbit hole warning! (I’ve been watching acrylic pouring videos for an hour now…)


Yikes another great thing for the to do list.

Oh yeah, acrylic pouring (and epoxy resin poring) are the really hot trend right now. Your geckos look so cool done this way!