Gemba Gumby


Here’s a table topper I made for a Continuous Improvement event at my wife’s workplace.

Proofgrade acrylic, Proofgrade settings.


Not sure I follow, but it’s very cool! :smile:


Part of lean manufacturing where instead of sitting in their “ivory towers” managers actually walk their facility with leading positions to spot places for improvement.


Gumby? Saturday night live skit. Eddie Murphy.


Chuckle! Ahah!, thanks guys. Googled both. (Where’s Poky fall in the scheme of things?) :smile:



And best said in Murphy’s voice-- “Now gemba, dammit!

Didn’t trust my (non-existent) art skills to add a recognizable cigar… :laughing:


Gumby’s hard hat really pulls this piece together. That and the edge lit acrylic :slight_smile: