GenCon Laser-Cut Wooden Madness!

For those of you outside the world of board games (and some of those in that world that don’t know) this weekend is GenCon, “the best 4 days in gaming”. This is the biggest board game convention in the US and is held in Indianapolis each year. (I know, those of you outside the US are laughing because… Spiel @ Essen)

Anyway, there’s a company, Broken Token ( that makes laser-cut box inserts for board games. I own one of theirs but intend on making my own once I get my Glowforge. Anyway, their booth setup at GenCon is amazing!


Almost makes me wistful that I am not much into table top gaming. Maybe a self-made Catan set will change that. I do love Scrabble though Words with Friends kind of changed the style of play for me. Beautiful stuff!


I like designing and making those but don’t play :slight_smile: My kids though love it. It’s big on college campuses.

I am planning on making a Scrabble board. I’ve seen the tiles enlarged and used to make peoples names also.


There were sooo many laser cut products at GenCon this year! There were even a few who took the ideas I was planning on and made them before I could!

I do hope that with in the next few years I can be a vender there and at other shows. Now I just need to make some awesome products.


My Son attended and exclaimed how many laser cut products were there this year.
He and his friends are big board game enthusiasts so I told him to check out the “Broken Token” who specialize in laser cut board game organization.