Generating Elliptical Boxes Using a Laser Cutter for illustrator?

Hello, is there Generating Elliptical Boxes Using a Laser Cutter for illustrator ???

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No…it’s the one reason that I installed Inkscape when I got started doing this.

But…It’s fairly easy to copy and paste to create your own if you know the diameter of your circle …that’s what I usually do in AI, and it works extremely well for hinges that don’t break:

For a circle the circumference is 2πr, so for a half circle, I just use πr. Then I normally add the thickness of the wood for ease. (Results in excellent hinges that do not wear out with use because they are not strained.)


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You can cheat and get nearly elliptical with Makercase’s “kerf bent box”
(not AI specific, generates SVG or DXF files that can be opened in AI)

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