Gentle wave pencil holder

I wanted to try out a catalog item, so I picked the pencil holder for the makerspace. It turned out great and was super easy to do!


Very nice! I was eyeballing that one as well! :grinning:


I made one out of draftboard with my first Glowforge in one of it’s spurts of working.

Sadly all I had to glue it together with was super glue. I’ll have to make a proper one with some veneered ply, now.

The design actually tripped me up since I was expecting all four sides to be the same, but they’re not. There’s two of two different designs. So, here’s a tip from your old Uncle Drathus. Double check your parts before gluing if you want things to fit. =P


I made mine with super glue too, but I used it because I’m too impatient to wait for wood glue :smile: I think the draftboad one looks great!
I followed the text and picture instructions as if I was dismantling a bomb, partially because I didn’t want to mess it up, and partially because I wanted to test their instructions to catch any errors.
I have to ask, what’s the plexiglass box for? I have at least three theories on what it could be used for, and I have to see if one of them is correct.

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It’s a dice tower.

Drop dice in the top and they get knocked around and land in the bottom.

Sadly this one was a pretty … meh … design. I had to use the trace feature on my GF to re-cut a few pieces a bit smaller to make it fit properly.

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well, I was completely wrong on all three guesses. That is really cool though!

It looks great in your makerspace. I hope your new enterprise is going well!


That’s me, too. I’ve finally learned to wait, otherwise pay the consequences…but dang…it’s hard!


I use fast hold tacky glue for everything. For all I know it’ll fall apart in two weeks, but it seems strong enough for a desk accessory that doesn’t get a lot of abuse.