Anyone design, build, customize any geocaches with their GF?

I have been geocaching for many years now and have a few fun and difficult hides out there. I plan to use the laser for some of them in the future.

Was wondering if anyone had any pics of some things they have done specifically around Geocaching.


I’ve never done geocaching, but have always wanted to try it.

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I had a merit badge for surveying and the first engineer related job I had one summer was interning with some surveyors.

Just last year I saw a guy walking around with a stick that had a black box on top. I was cooling my jets waiting on the wife so I engaged him and asked what he was doing, and was astonished when he said surveying.

Apparently, they set it on a known point in the morning for calibration, then trigger a readout where they are looking for a survey point around the city.
Technology has taken all the romance out of things like surveying. The math was a pain at times, but it always kept you truthful.

Kind of interesting that technology has taken something that use to be an occupation and made a fun challenge out of it.

Just out of curiosity, what do you hide?


I’ve etched anodized aluminum microcaches (pill fobs), I have been 'caching in a while, but have thought about making wood or acrylic challenge coin-like tokens as rewards, or even as travel bugs.


you should give it a go. I recommend finding a few of the larger and easy ones until you start to get the feel for it.

If you like little adventures, it can get quite addicting.

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My caches are more about the adventure. Either the puzzle to get there or the puzzle when you get on site.

At a minimum its a container to keep a log in that people can sign to prove they were there. Containers we have found vary from the size of an eraser to a small building.


OK, you all inspired me. I think I am going to work on a laser cut maze with a magnetic wand to drag a metal ball, through and have multiple drop points where only the correct one triggers the door, and the others trigger time penalties before the ball drops back out into the maze.


I engraved these rocks for Geocaching.


I have not, but have been thinking about it a lot lately because I think it would be a fun way to get my 3yo into hiking. I have a favorite spot for camping in Central Oregon that’s on top of a cinder cone. I was thinking of making tokens that show the area in a pictorial fashion, or show the elevation contours for the cinder cone and leaving a bunch in a cache for people to take one of.


Fun, how did you use them?

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I have 2 —-D1/T1 Geocache boxes and the engraved rocks are now inside the boxes with my other little goodies. I have a little note in my boxes that reads—— Please take 1 item and leave 1 item.

I am fortunate my Geocache boxes are near our home and my beloved Eric can go maintain them. He has to be extremely covert because there are lots of muggles around.

I added my phone number and E-mail address to one of the engraved rocks and there is a note with it.

“If you are able to take this engraved rock to a minimum D3.5/T4——- I would really appreciate it.” I am unable to do it myself because I am in a wheelchair.”

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