Geometric puzzles

So, would anyone care to tell me how we make the geometric shapes on the gf? I mean, I know how to cut them, but can’t for the life of me figure out how to design!

You would design them in a design program like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Affinity Designer, etc., and then import them into the interface to cut. :slight_smile:


Inkscape makes geometric shapes automatically that will cut on your Glowforge :grin:
Also anything you can imagine though with more learning needed.

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Maybe that’s my problem! I only use Silhouette, I’ll check those programs out! Thank you!

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I use Silhouette pretty consistently–which edition do you have? there are many resident shapes in the Business (and possibly Designer) software editions that are quite easy to work with…not sure if they are in the free software beyond square/rectangle, rounded square/rectangle, circle/oval and pentagon. Feel free to message me if you’d like help with Silhouette software, I don’t know everything, but am happy to share what I do know and to see if I can help you with any problems.

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I have business edition. I guess I’m just not wrapping my head around how it is done! Thank you, I will probably take you up on that! :slight_smile:

There is a file in the free file section of useful shapes. I will find it and post the link in a few minutes.


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