Get the SVG from the UI?

Does anyone know if there’s some backdoor way to save the SVG you uploaded from the GFUI.

I accidentally overwrote an SVG I had with another one. It was a complex design that took me a couple of hours to make, so I would love to find it again. I still have that SVG in the GF UI, so I can still open it and cut it. But if ever I want to make a change to it, I’m out of luck.

There might be…I remember Dan mentioning something about it in response to another question about how long Glowforge saved deleted files once…

I’d send them a direct email and ask…can’t hurt to try. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know what software you are using but most have an autosave feature and if it is on you need to wander over to the place it is saved and see if your file is saved there.

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Apple Time Machine™


I don’t think we’re allowed to say how to do this because the same method could potentially be used to steal Glowforge-owned designs.

It would probably be a good idea for Glowforge to add a download button for files that you’ve uploaded yourself.


this is correct. and, as well, at least one user has gotten in trouble for explaining how to do this.

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So you’re saying there’s a way…

i’m saying someone once (or twice) said there was a way… and his explanation of that way got him in trouble… i will leave it at that.

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I had asked Dan about it a while back, and if I recall he said the format they have them in wouldn’t do us any good. (paraphrasing)

It’s a long shot but if you sent it up to the GF cloud it might be worth checking in your browser cache directory/ies though everything is likely to have ridiculous names there.

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