Getting a box from Glowforge!

I got my golden email January 4th. Today I am expecting a package from glowforge!

I’m assuming that at 15 lbs it’s not my machine. It’s either my crumb tray or my proofgrade.

Where will the machine be coming from? Do I get an email from glowforge saying it shipped or do I just get a ups tracking number straight from UPS MyChoice?

Do you notice how calm and Cool I sound? It’s only because I’m out of breath from a prolonged snoopy dance.



That’s the Proofgrade handled by Moduslink. The machine and crumb tray will come in separate boxes from Glowforge California. UPS My Choice told me it was coming before the GF email.


I’m one of the few it seems is getting my 'forge before the proofgrade samples…mine’s coming today…guess I better go hit hobby lobby and michaels clearance racks to practice on

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