Getting a file ready to cut

Hi everyone! Another newbie question. I have an item I am designing that I want to cut. I have the outline ready. Every time I upload it into the GFI it has it showing as engrave and won’t let me select to have it cut. I have tried using several programs like ink space, elements, Canva etc and now matter what it won’t let me select cut. I have uploaded as a png, and svg and still the same thing. I am sure it’s a setting of some point…. But I am stumped!!! Help! :grin:

You are uploading a raster/bitmap, even if it is contained in an SVG file which can contain both vector and bitmap.

You need to upload it as a vector.


If you have the premium subscription, you can use the outline tool to make a cut line. If you use Inkscape, you can trace the image to get a vector outline to cut.


Inkscape is a free program that does vectors. Most of the instructions on refer to Inkscape and there are lot of guides in the Tips and Tricks section for it too!


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