Getting ahead of my nephew

My nephew is a track star at U of VA and is coming into town for a meet this weekend. His mother asked me to make a sign of his head that she could wave around after she told him she would embarrass him from the stands as a “soccer mom” and he said “it’s not like you have a sign of my head to wave around” well what we did have was a Glowforge and some :proofgrade: Acrylic and some LED bases. So now we have a nice sign for her to wave around… 3D engraved the face. I used Photoshop to select his face (it was a group photo) using the Select->Subject feature then copied that to a new transparent workspace. Then saved the selection (selected the layer transparency) and converted the selection to a working-Path. Then exported the working path to ai as my cut line. around the png of the face (which I converted to gray-scale and inverted)



the new select-subject feature is pretty $%#@ awesome. i just started using it a week or two ago and it’s a great head start for selections.

(and don’t call it “u of va” to him, just UVA or “THE university of virginia.” :slight_smile:

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I especially like you that you labeled it, just in case anyone has facial blindness, they’ll still know who is being embarrassed :slight_smile:


Be careful what you ask for… Very nice engrave, it should be quite humiliating :joy:

Well he took a silver and a personal best time in the 3000m. (the picture I used he had shorter hair…)


Well you can’t change the sign, so I guess he has to go to the barber.