Getting an Image Inside of a Circle or Square

Hello! I am having a bit of a design problem. I’m using Inkscape. I want to place artwork inside of a circle, but when I click “Union,” the interior artwork becomes whited out. I want to create something like this:

But after “Union,” the image looks like this:

I’m new to Inkscape, some I know I’m doing something wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I suspect you need to do “stroke to path” on your circle first, then union. You’d have to upload the file for us to look at to be 100% sure.


Have you subtracted the inner circle from the outer circle first, to make the frame a single object? If not, it’s just going to add all the shapes together to give you a solid.


It’s not clear that it’s a “donut” here. I suspected it’s just a single wide-black-stroke circle with no fill. For all we know it’s a filled black circle with a slightly smaller white filled circle on top of it, with a Christmas tree on top of that.

We can’t know for sure until we see the file.

Also @gseverino, @geek2nurse might be right, and if you want to try it “subtract” is “Path->difference” in Inkscape.


That is definitely the problem. You need to use Path/Difference to remove the inside of the hoop, then Path/Union with the design.

What size are you planning to print these? There’s some awfully fine detail that may not hold up to the laser.

(If that hoop is in fact just a wide stroke circle, then you need to convert that with Path/Stroke to Path first, then just do Path/Union.")


I want to thank everyone for their help. I solved it by creating a circle, duplicating it, aligning and centering the two circles, clicked “Difference,” and then used “Union” for the image pathed object. It worked well. Here’s the final image: image

I engraved the image because I was afraid of it literally falling apart!

Thank you so much!


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