Getting it running

Got it yesterday still can’t use it can’t get the program to use it very frustrating

are you following the setup procedure?


Where are you getting stuck? There is no program associated with a Glowforge. It’s controlled entirely through a webpage you can access from any device with a browser (a computer, a tablet, a phone).


If you need help, let us know where you’re stuck and what’s happening. This is the community forum - there’s no official tech support - so your complaints aren’t reaching anyone at the company. Just us.


Thank you I’ll try that

I tried still not sure what to get on a bunch of stuff pops up sorry folks I’m horrible at computer stuff

How do you separate images if more then what you want to print thank you

HELP! I am totally confused or am I thinking too hard? Here’s the scenario. I have a 1/4” board that I want to engrave and cut. Do I have place something under it to lift it higher? I have seen in videos that they put “risers” under certain items because it is too low. When would I need to place risers or additional pieces under my substrate? I haven’t cut anything today because this has confused me. Where does the 2” come in?

You only need risers if you remove the crumb tray. 1/4” is fine, although it could be tricky to cut, depending on what it is. I’d recommend starting a separate forum thread for yourself as this one is going to be missed,


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