Getting my area ready!


Hello my name is Phil. I’ve owned a CNC sign making business for a while. I’ve also Owned a laser diode attachment for my CNC for about a year. The glow forge just seemed like the next step.

Here is the one spot left in my shop lol. I found a place next to a window that I can pull out and replace with a piece of plywood and a vent. I will build a table out of 2 by fours with a Plywood top and some material storage below.


Looks like a good plan! :grinning:


Since you are building from scratch, when you build your table, concentrate on making it FLAT.
Since the case has a degree of flex in it, any differential in the floor (I don’t think I have ever seen a glass flat floor) will telegraph to the table top so incorporating leveling feet on the legs would be a good idea.
The machine is calibrated on a stone slab, and any difference from that may affect the lid shutting properly.
Enjoy your adventure :sunglasses:


Will do! Thanks!

Vent in…

I’m going to pick up a can of expanding insulation foam and seal up the thing a bit better


Hey Phil

Phil here also, just got my Pro Glowforge yesterday and have an instructables X carve arriving next week. I’m a massive beginner with both but I’d love to be able to pick your brains sometime about the cnc.


You bet. I’m the moderator and admin for 2 x-carve Facebook groups. And my website is dedicated to cnc help and the x-carve


This is what you call… ahhh… use the whole can. Lol

And starting the table. 3 shelves for material storage. Need leveling feet yet.


Got away from you did it? :smile:


Lol. It wouldn’t stick at first. I had to build up from the bottom. It’s a basement window so I just wanted sealed. Didn’t care about looks. And I wasn’t going to save the can, but didn’t want it to just get thrown away…so I just kept squeezing! Hahaha


My son dropped a new can of that stuff inside a very small tool shed. The can hit something sharp on the floor and popped a hole. Foam everywhere, floor, walls, power tools, chain saws. Years later I’m still finding items with foam stuck all over them.

Helpful hint to others: There are different types of this foam for specific purposes. If you try to seal windows or doors with the wrong type it can bow the jams and keep the doors/windows from closing.


Looks good. I know you will enjoy it.


Just needs the shelves and top.


About ten years ago I had foam insulation sprayed into the attic and outside walls of my hundred year old house. It’s a 1.5 story house and in a couple of spots upstairs foam mushrooms grew out of old nail holes that apparently went too deep. During the winter there are no more dust bunny races across the living room floor, so that’s sad, but the utility bill is happier.


Perhaps too extreme but a Japanese spin on such a table would make it stronger and good for future thinking.

Having a CNC set upalready seems a shame not to put to use for this.


Hahaha. That’s awesome… but it wouldn’t be done until next year then. Lol

This will be rock solid. That’s really the important part. Flat. And no movement.


Now that I have added a few tools capable of doing the bits that Glowforge cannot I am reconsidering dealing with wood that is over 1\4." thick, though I have been thinking along the lines of a 2x4 made of four pieces of 1\4" plywood with 4mm fingers and with the sides staggered so it could be any length.

The biggest problem is that all cuts must be made at once so the mental gymnastics are quite daunting. And the probability that one or more could go ary equally tough as it does chew up a lot of wood.


I’ll be milling my sign blanks on the CNC and finishing them on the glowforge

This one was using my 2.8w jtech attachment


Super nice job. I like all of the edge details. :grinning:


If you have time / resources, consider building a torsion top for the stand. I’m in the process of moving to a new house, and my fiancee said yes, it can be in our office (PLEASE let the filter ship soon!) but it’s “ugly” so it needs to be in a cabinet. I cried a little because I think it’s beautiful, but then I agreed to make a cabinet for it. The shelf I’ll be building will be a 2" thick torsion box so as for it to be as flat as possible.


Thank you! I can’t wait to see one done in the glowforge. Its 3x faster engraving then what I do with the jtech.